Let’s be a forest!


Let’s be a forest – a collective film project

At the symposium “Film in the present tense” in Berlin, Germany in October 2017 Mark Toscano showed a film he shot just a few days earlier in LA (16mm, b/w reversal).

After his presentation he cut the film into pieces and gave it to the audience. I got 18 frames of a palm tree and I remember that during his presentation he said “you cannot have LA without palm trees”.
Since so many analog filmmakers from around the world attended this symposium I thought: You cannot have an analog film community without filmmakers.

We are so many great filmmakers from around the world and we are really good connected… so why not make a film together? Let’s be a forest!

I am asking you to send me an already processed piece of 16mm film showing a tree. It is completely your decision what kind of tree or what kind of film you are sending to me. Also it will be your decision how long the piece of film is.

I will collect the filmstrips and will edit them to one film, letting the different film strips become one work, letting single trees become one united forest.
Note: I might make them shorter, depending on what the final film needs.

There is no deadline for this project. The forest should grow endlessly. However, as I would like to give the film the possibility to be screened, there will be different editions. (e.g. Let’s be a forest – Autumn 2019 edition)

Filmmakers, who already contributed (in order of receiving the film strips): Mark Toscano, Debora S. Philips, Alex Mackenzie, Anna Petruzelová, Karel Doing, Manfred Schwaba, Peter Humble, Gaëlle Rouard, Douglas Urbank, Andrei Florin, Thomas Chatard, Sandy McLennan

Looking forward to your contribution. Everybody is welcome. The more the merrier.

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