Expanded Cinema Performances

Here’s some documentation of some of my Expanded Cinema Performances.

June 3rd, 2016 @ Setzkasten Wien, Vienna, Austria
Setzkasten Projektor
Super8, 16mm, electronic sound and harmonium
collaborators: Silvia das Fadas, Guillermo Tellechea, Ivana Milos, Marija Jociūtė and Stefanie Zingl, with sound by Stefan Voglsinger (harmonium) and Tobias Leibetseder (electronic).
Photos by Barbara Brandstätter






Sept 23rd, 2016 @ Klangfilmtheater Schladming, Austria
16mm and electronic sound
collaborators: Sonya Stefan, Guillermo Tellechea and Stefan Voglsinger


Watch the making of:



Feb 8th, 2017 @ North Star Pinball, Montreal, Canada
16mm, video feedback, VHS and audio
collaborators: Stefan Voglsinger, Guillaume Valleè, Sonya Stefan and more

Feb 14th, 2017 @ PIX FILM GALLERY, Toronto, Canada
Before And Beyond The Image
Super8, 16mm, video feedback, sound reader, sound looper and synthesizer
collaborators: Stefan Voglsinger & Madi Piller

April 19th, 2017 @ Kramladen, Vienna, Austria
16mm, electronics and Handstrickapparat Regina
collaborators: Patrizia Ruthensteiner & Stefan Voglsinger

Photos by Jakob Schauer.

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