AT 2019
7:00, 24fps
black and white, with sound, 4:3
35mm, hand processed, contact printed and photograms


The avantgarde film Kopierwerk deals – in a self-reflecting way – with the obsolescence of analog media induced by digitalization. It focusses on print media, analog images and sound recordings and film. The narrative arc stretches from the beginning of reproduced writing, all the way to the analog moving images, their triumph, their decline and finally their continuing after-life as a bright light of the avantgarde, reaching us through the pixelstreams emanated by innumerable clouds.

The fully manually produced 7 minute black and white 35mm film educates, edits and entertains with a fast-paced audio-visual journey through some of the relevant stations of the analog age. From a large selection of trailers, advertising clips and found footage material an impressive number of cross references is being created to include film history, pop-culture, and some media thus challenging the radical conversion of the film industry to an exclusively digital technology. Representative for the wealth and the diversity of the analog technology in our civilization only a few points of reference contribute to the completion of a filmic experience, the rest will take place in the heads of the audience. Also the so-called digital natives have an analog memory.

Just as the media newspapers leave their traces of physical transparency on the coarse- grained photo material, also other exposed objects will appear as photograms, such as audio-cassettes and vinyl records. Found footage sequences present the symbiosis of content and material, creating new context, a carefully designed sound track uses loops, noise and rhythm of machines, transforming them into beats that are reminiscent of Hip-Hop.

The only originally filmed sequence shows the filmmaker as a so-called Chinagirl or Leader Lady, a reoccuring element of avantgarde film, a code of the analog cinema in the copying process, confident symbol for an indestructible presence of avantgarde film in Austria and the world.



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